About Robotec

The operator no longer needs to load tons of finished wooden pallets per day. Robotec will both stack and assemble ready-made pallets at the customer's command. The employee will only be left to place the wood raw material in the template for the pallet and Robotec will do the rest.
The machine is suitable for both small and large pallet manufacturing companies. Quickly changing the size and type of pallets will allow you to be flexible enough to handle any volume of pallet orders. Get the maximum productivity and return from Robotec, depending on the number of shifts per day. It is the most economical and effective solution for the future with a view to the future.

- Choose Robotec and be one step ahead of your competitors!

Robotec has been created in Latvia to see labor problems in this sector as well as to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in global markets with palletized wood products.

ROBOTEC - Efficient technology for nailing and stacking wooden pallets
Wooden pallet manufacturing robot arm, which can be equipped with 6 nail guns and various nails from 25-90mm, one swivel pallet table with pneumatic presses and the necessary control unit and software.

- The KUKA robot arm performs both pallet and pallet feet nailing simultaneously, as well as pallet stacking. The pallets are stacked as needed, including each other, the stack height is adjusted as needed and you can determine how many pallets are needed there.
- The unit is serviced by 1 person. Estimated time to produce one standard pallet with 7 boards is 40-60 seconds / piece or 400-500pcs, including pallet feet.
- The pallet size is resized within 15-30 minutes after the installed software and pallet making templates or the specified mm markings on the nailing board. The table is equipped with vertical and horizontal ruler. The standard pallet size is 1100x1200mm. Optional equipment Pallets up to 2400mm in length can be produced.

The warranty period for the equipment is 12 months from the date of installation. Robotic manual maintenance intervals every 20,000 hours. The user software is in Latvian, it is designed to be functional and simple, thus ensuring its ease of use.

- KUKA used nailing robot and control unit, software;
- 6 pieces nailer connection points and Jumbo controls;
- Robotic rotary table with 2 interchangeable standard templates for both pallet and pallet feet;
- optical safety sensors and safety fence for work safety
- 5 pieces pallet programming and stacking functions

- Production of additional pallet templates, if required
- Programming additional pallet types for robot and stacking
- MAX (Japan) pneumatic nailers with jumbo (max 1000 nails) guides - 8 pcs
- Additional automation solutions for ready-made pallets
- Remote monitoring

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